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Warsaw Village Band


Warsaw Village Band

This is a short story of a band who is a living proof that Eastern Europe can also brings good and unique elements to the global village – in spite of history and conditions.

From young enthusiasts of Polish roots and natural vibes to mature mind musicians, conscientious creators.

Formed in 1997 as group of friends, after few years of presence on Polish folk stage, and recording “Hop Sa sa” album (1997) WVB started international career in 2002 when German label Jaro released their second album “People’s Spring” (2001). According to Urlich Balss (Jaro’s owner), reaction for album was one of the biggest surprises in the history of company. From unknown Polish band, WVB gets into the main World Music stage!

In 2004 Warsaw Village Band won very prestigious BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music as “best newcomer”, the same year European Broadcasting Union award for the best folk recording.

Ticket: £14

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13-10-2013 19:30

Key Theatre


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